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The smart business guide for increasing female participation in the Australian automotive industry.

Women in Automotive (WinA) is pleased to officially release a written resource providing guidance on how to attract, recruit and retain women in the Australian automotive industry.

Currently sitting at 20 per cent, female participation in the automotive industry has remained largely unchanged for the past 20 years. With many businesses reporting difficulties in attracting and retaining talent, be it female or male – now, more than ever, it’s important to consider the entire available talent pool.

Written in response to industry demand seeking advice on how to go about recruiting more women in their business, this guide presents very practical and easy to read advice – one that clearly explains how businesses can access and retain the very best female talent.

Each chapter steps through a different part of the process – from why businesses should invest in raising female participation rates, to what an imbalanced workforce means for their bottom line. It covers topics such as ‘unconscious bias’, its limiting effect on business and ways to minimise it. The guide also covers tips for the screening process, outlining the many and varied online tools available.  It also includes advice on retention strategies – how do businesses ensure females don’t leave the business after the effort involved in their recruitment?       

More diverse workforces categorically perform better – the evidence is irrefutable. Higher retention rates, better customer satisfaction, and bigger profits are just some of the potential side effects.   

There couldn’t be a better time for automotive businesses to take action and reap the rewards.

Available in both a physical and digital download format.

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