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How to Maximize Your Car Tire Usage 
Words by Rosette Monell
Things You Can Do To Maximize Car Tire U

Your tires are an important safety feature of your vehicle. They provides traction that your car relies on to maintain a secure grip of the road. Which is why it is understandable that many drivers want to maximize tire usage.


To be able to do that, drivers need to focus on maintenance. Doing basic tire maintenance is key to get the most out of them, but sadly, this is often overlooked. Many drivers don’t even realize that they’ve already worn out their set until they’ve flattened them out or worse, blown a tire.


Prolonging the lifespan of your tires is beneficial not only for your vehicle, but for you as well. You’ll be able to save yourself from unnecessarily wasting valuable time and spending money on endless repairs. Realize these benefits by reading about the best things you can do to maximize car tire usage in this article.

Regularly rotate your tires

Your car’s wheels have different forces exerted on them depending on where they’re positioned on the car. This can lead to uneven wearing of tire treads.


Periodic rotation of tires is one of the most basic techniques to ensure even wearing of treads. There are three patterns that you can follow:


  • X-pattern - this is an alternative pattern that you can use for front-wheel drive vehicles. The front and rear tires move diagonally so each one will change side and axle.


  • Forward cross - this is the usual pattern for front-wheel drive vehicles. The front tires move directly to the rear, while the rear tires move diagonally to the opposite sides.


  • Rearward cross - this pattern is for rear-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles and is the opposite of forward cross.The rear tires move directly to the same side, while the front tires cross diagonally to the rear.


Keep in mind that these are the common patterns for tire rotation. It can be optimized depending on the different tire types.

Keep your wheels aligned

Another cause of uneven wear of tire treads is misaligned wheels. When your tire treads are worn unevenly, it can lead to replacing your tires earlier than expected. Misaligned wheels also cause wiggles and vibrations among other mechanical problems that affect the performance of your car tires.


For the best results choose a shop that uses accurate computer-assisted machines for wheel alignment. You can also check the alignment of your wheels after you’ve had replacement tires installed. Go Gulong and other respectable tire shops should let you do that to see if you need to have your new set realigned.

Maintain the right tire pressure

The air pressure of tires can change in a day, depending on a lot of factors. That’s why it will be better for you to regularly check your vehicle’s tire pressure. Tire pressure is a big deal not only when it comes to the longevity of your tires, but also with the effectiveness and performance of the tires.

Choose the right replacement

When the time comes to switch your old tires with new ones, make sure that you purchase the right ones. Not having the right tires installed on your car will heavily affect its performance. Keep in mind the type of driving you normally do and select rubber that best fits your needs.

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About the Author:

Rosette has a knack for anything DIY. In true WinA fashion, Rosette has always taken an interest in traditionally male dominated tasks as she spent her younger years immersed in books about hardware tools, equipment, and tires. As a child, she once dreamed of establishing her own hardware & tire store. Her career options may have changed, but today, she continues to write so passionately about her first love.

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