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Samantha Wolfe

In Samantha Wolfe’s world, it’s quality, not quantity which gets results.

She has lead by example and proven that you don’t have to work ridiculous hours to be at the top of the industry. It’s what you put in and your attitude that really matters – and that’s all about respecting yourself and the role you’re working in.

In my teenage years I was fortunate enough to have a mother who was very successful in the Automotive Industry and was the primary provider for our family. So I guess I always thought that’s what women do.

I joined the Automotive Industry in 2013 as a Car Care Consultant. I had never sold anything before that! I started at Frankston Toyota Used cars and within my first month I had exceeded the industry benchmark target.

I then moved over to their sister company Peninsula Volkswagen & Skoda and have consistently doubled the industry average benchmark.

What I love about selling car care is that it’s a business within a business. I’m in control and I get out of it what I put into it.

Working in this industry has taught me that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it. It's attitude that matters. I have also learnt that I need to be assertive and focus on my job. I am often requested to cover reception when no other sales consultant is expected to do the same. The only difference is that I’m female and everyone else is male. If I had succumbed to this type of request, then I have no doubt my results would suffer.

I have always worked 9am to 5pm which has been challenging for other work colleagues to accept despite the fact that
my results far exceed my predecessors. Fortunately, I have strong support from Senior Management and my direct Manager. I have recently reduced my hours to a 4 ½ day week, which lead to my best month of sales.

I feel that the Automotive Industry needs to evolve. I think we need to focus on the outcome instead of constraining employees with long working hours that are not conducive to a large portion of the population and quite frankly,
not necessary.

My advice to other women entering the Automotive Industry would be to give yourself a reasonable amount of time to succeed in the Industry and don’t give up. I would also strongly suggest that you focus on your role and don’t become the waitress or receptionist unless it’s shared equally amongst your colleagues.

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