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Attract, recruit and retain female talent. Tips from the best. 

Alexandra Bromley

Chief Marketing Officer
Savic Motorcycles

Savic Motorcycles Ali C-Series Riverside.jpg

Alexandra Bromley popped up on my (Kate Peck here) radar at the Phillip Island MotoGP when I was casually cruising through the GP Expo hall, perving on motorcycles. She is the effervescent Chief Marketing Officer of Savic Motorcycles, a pioneering electric motorcycle manufacturer located in Melbourne. Alex muscled me onto a Savic motorcycle for a social snap and from there we connected. Alex is an industry leader in a new, scary world for hairy old bikers - electric motorcycles. Of course, I needed to pick her brain on how to attract more women to work in this strange but wonderful male-dominated space.


“The auto industry can be tough, especially for women, but it's not all doom and gloom. I've seen environments like Harley-Davidson achieve a great gender balance, which was heartening when I first jumped on board many years ago. The key? An inclusive atmosphere where everyone, especially women, feel valued and heard. Mentorship is a big deal too; it makes a huge difference in welcoming and nurturing female talent and I was lucky enough to have some great female mentors throughout my career.


Creating a workplace that's right for everyone starts at the interview. It's about being upfront about the culture and ensuring it's a place where everyone can thrive. Communication, support, and a safe space for fun and individuality are universal needs, not just women’s.”


Thank you Alex, your points are highly relevant and practical. We can’t wait to catch up with you again! Until then, get on the gas... I mean the battery. 

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