Learn about some of the dynamic women from our industry. We showcase the many different roles that women play and have a hand in within the automotive industry, so if you would like to nominate a woman, story, or be profiled yourself, please send your details through to us at:

Emma McIndoe - WinA Member of the Month

This month we are delighted to feature Andrea Mendoza from Surfside Motorcycle Garage – a Royal Enfield Dealership based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Starting her career in Auckland 25 years ago, Andrea has been championing women in the automotive industry for many years.


Andrea’s unique voice and passion for the industry has led her to achieve many milestones, such as leading an education-driven automotive business in New Zealand and helping other women who have a passion for motorcycles.

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Nadine Armstrong - WinA Member of the Month

This month we are delighted to feature Automotive Journalist Nadine Armstrong.


With a love of cars and motorbikes her entire life, Nadine had only dreamed about turning her passion into a thriving career.  

With a unique voice and a passion for the Automotive Industry, Nadine forged her career over 15 years ago when she started working for Fairfax Media’s Drive team in Melbourne. Nadine is now one of Australia’s leading Automotive journalists, freelancing for various publications and is the longstanding Consumer Editor for 

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Adiba Fattah - WinA Member of the Month

This Month, WinA is proud to feature automotive franchising researcher and PhD candidate, Adiba Fattah. Currently researching in Queensland, Australia, Moroccan native Adiba’s first taste of the industry came while working as a research assistant at Indiana state University. Adiba’s work was focusing on the impact of Tesla’s historic decision to sell directly to market, gaining immense insight as it was happening.

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Frances Palmer - WinA Member of the Month

With a career covering multiple sectors and levels of automotive, and almost 20 years of experience, we are proud to feature Frances Palmer as our first Women in Automotive Member of the Month for 2021. Whether you're wanting to learn more about automotive product design engineering, the farm machinery industry, or her current role in in Brand Management at Bapcor, Frances' feature is not one to miss.

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Blaire Race - WinA Member of the Month

Progressing from admin assistant to national events manager at Mitsubishi Motors Australia is just the beginning of Blaire Race's auto journey - but a mighty beginning at that.

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Priyani Withanaarachchi - WinA Member of the Month

Falling into the industry in a temporary role after the birth of her second son, Priyani's journey to General Manager of Regional Governance and Strategy at Nissan’s Asia Oceania Regional Headquarters in Bangkok is certainly, a story to inspire.

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Ashley Beeby - WinA Member of the Month

From graduating in the top 5% of the state, to qualifying as a heavy vehicle diesel mechanic 7 months early, and now working on her first fiction novel, Ashley Beeby is carving an amazing path as a young woman in automotive.

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Denise McMaster

Current lifecoach for automotive business owners

Previous co-owner and operator of Midas Hobart


Read More about Denise

Narelle D'Alberto

D'Alberto Motors, Bellmont Nominees and Centaur Products Australia

Southern Region Sales Coordinator

Julie Numanoglu

Brighton Panel Works

Business Manager


Read more about Julie

Samantha Wolfe

Peninsula Volkswagon & Skoda

Car Care Consultant


Read more about Samantha

Emma McIndoe - WinA Member of the Month

This month we are featuring Managing Director of AA Recycling P/L & Pick-A-Part, Emma McIndoe, as our Member of the Month. Emma has been immersed in the industry her whole life and recently taken over her family’s business. 


With a passion for the industry ingrained in her since childhood, Emma talks fondly of her experiences throughout her career and enjoys educating those around her about gender diversity in the industry. 

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Shelley Jones - WinA Member of the Month

This month we feature Shelley Jones as WinA Member of the Month. Shelley's candid honesty about how hard it is to be a female mechanic is backed up by her gushing about how rewarding it is if you can tough it out.


From growing up on a dairy farm in West Gippsland, Shelley's love of all things tractors and mowers drew her to complete her Mobile Plant apprenticeship. This led her to working in quite the niche world of small diesel tractors, mowers and pumps. Shelley is now a wellness facilitator for the VACC, travelling around the State visiting workshops and implementing a mental health and wellness program.

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Women at the front of pandemic led online car purchasing boom

A new research report by Gumtree Cars, Connect with the New Digital Car Buyer, digs into the automotive zeitgeist of the year that was. It shows a change in pace, preferences and a shift in power as a new breed of buyers emerge – with an empowered female cohort front and centre.  Women in Automotive talks with Monique Cotton of Gumtree Cars to find out more.

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Tara Absolom - WinA Member of the Month

We spoke to Tara about her decision to move back into the automotive industry after briefly exiting the industry to start her own successful event business. Now thriving in her role as Front of House Service Manager at Frankston Toyota, Tara tells us how her goal is to now open doors for other women in the industry, who cannot yet open them for themselves.

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Linzi Eccles - WinA Member of the Month

Through the support of mentors and a dealership where women currently make up 35% of the workforce, Linzi’s journey from salesperson to full-time New Car Assistant Manager is certainly one to inspire many.

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Jacqui Carroll - WinA Member of the Month

Whether it was owning a panel shop with her husband back in the late 1970’s, or her current role working in a commercial repair shop & also restoration shop, or even her involvement with motor racing from a grassroots level, Jacqui Carroll's life in automotive is more diversified and active than ever!


The Race to Triple the Engineering of Ventilators

How COO Jessica Dane led the team at Triple Eight Race Engineering in adapting their efforts during the Covid-19 crisis.


Kathryn Adams

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Australia

Southern Region Sales Coordinator

Christa Croker

Millard Caravans

Retired Owner


Alex Roy

Hume Bodyworks

Vehicle Body Refinishing Technician


Read more about Alex

Automotive August 
Membership Drive

This August we are calling out for new members to join Women in Automotive!

It’s free to join us and your fellow colleagues from the automotive sector as we provide opportunities to network, feel supported and succeed.

To entice you further, this August when you sign up as a member you go into our competition to WIN a $250 Endota Spa voucher or, if you referred someone, for yourself and the new member.

Sarah Connell - WinA Member of the Month

This month we welcome Sarah Connell as WinA Member of the Month. Passionate about motorsport and cars from a young age, she took her interest and chased it as a career. When Sarah's dream of becoming a race car driver seemed outside her reach, she decided to find a way to work with cars regardless and in 12 years has progressed from the call centre at BMW Australia, moving across the world for a stint at BMW in Munich, to being a sales person in dealerships, working in marketing and now to her current role as Corporate Sales Manager, Southern Region for Mercedes-Benz Australia.​

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July Aye - WinA Member of the Month

As a thriving and inspiring woman in STEM, July Aye’s experience as a Supercar Body Systems Engineer is just the beginning of her ever impressive journey in automotive and engineering.

Currently working in the Aerospace industry in California, July’s passion for the world of automotive continues to grow vocationally, as well as an even stronger passion for supporting the women who pursue it professionally.

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Body Repair Division's path to equal representation

As the first VACC division committee to reach equal gender representation, we spoke to BRD Committee Chair, Carly Ruggeri on the achievement, and what it means for the body repair industry.


Monique Cotton - WinA Member of the Month

From trainee sales consultant at the number 1 Volkswagen dealership in Melbourne, to the current Victorian, Tasmanian, and South Australian Regional Manager for Gumtree Australia's Motors team, Monique's path and progression in whatever role she puts her mind to is just the tip of her professional success.

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Things You Can Do to Maximize Car Tire Usage - Rosette Monell

As our first WinA guest contributor, experienced tire industry specialist, Rosette Monell, has detailed the basic essentials needed to ensure you're getting the most our of your car tires, and the things to avoid a short tire lifespan.

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WinA's International Women's Day Motorsport Breakfast Event

Featuring a panel of the finest talent currently gracing the Australian Motorsport industry.


Susan Butler

Mercedes-Benz Toorak

Dealer Principal

Hazel Lee Ling

European Prestige Auto Service



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Yvette Thompson

Melbourne City Holden

Apprentice Mechanic


Read more about Yvette