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Kathryn Adams

Loving her job, Kathryn Adams can't wait to get to work each day. She's a classic example of a woman who didn't think she would be a part of the automotive industry in a million years and has now become a passionate advocate.

“I started in the automotive industry in October 2012. Most of my day is taken up with finding and allocating stock for dealers in our region, following up with service providers on the progress of vehicles and various sales administration tasks.

My brother helped me to make a start in the industry; he works for one of our service providers. As a Regional Sales Coordinator, I love the challenges that come with assisting dealers to find vehicles for their customers and getting vehicles to the customers quickly.

Over the past couple of years, I've learnt most of my skills on the job - and in the future I'd like to work my way into managing one of our regions or even move into a national role here at head office.

Hearing our Board of Directors and CEO speak to our dealer network and to the head office team last Christmas has really inspired me in our brand and what we are doing within the company.

This is a great industry for a woman to be in. There are many opportunities to explore and lots of passionate people working with you.

Not for a moment had I thought I would end up in the automotive industry. I have learnt a lot and developed not only a passion for cars, but also for the brand and dealer network I get to work with every day."

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