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2024 Women in Automotive
Signature Series Luncheon

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19 September, 2024

Zinc at Federation Square


Leaning Into Change


Hear about the transformative power of leaning into change through courageous leadership and disruptive strategies, from business and beyond.


Join us as we dive deep into the disruptive forces reshaping the workforce and effective leadership. We discuss how individual actions can shape cultures, drive innovation and steer organisations towards more inclusive environments and greater success.

Our panel of trailblazers, representing a spectrum of backgrounds and perspectives, will offer invaluable insights into embracing change in order to drive results. From seasoned executives to industry disruptors, our panellists bring a wealth of experience and wisdom to the table and inspiration to fuel your own journey. 


Breaking barriers and fostering inclusive cultures, our panellists will delve into the crucial role of gender equality and diversity in driving innovation and resilience amidst industry change. 

Our inspirational keynote speaker will discuss the benefits of diversity and inclusion in having a positive impact. She'll share her tips and experiences in building brilliantly diverse teams and communities and the enormous benefit we can all enjoy from it.

Full program and tickets available soon.


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