Women in Automotive Events 

WinA's Morning Cuppa invite.png

Morning Cuppa

A Virtual Networking Event

Limited online events

16th September

22nd September

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Networking event in Geelong

Geelong Museum of Motoring and Industry

Geelong, Victoria

21st of November 2019

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The Basics of Instagram online event

Limited online event

12th of May 2020 

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Women in Automotive Guidebook Launch

River's Edge

Melbourne, Victoria

13th of November 2019

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International Women's Day Breakfast Panel

The Royce Hotel

Melbourne, Victoria

5th of March 2020 

Upcoming WinA Events

Our aim at Women in Automotive has always been to support, give recognition to, and provide a platform for women who work across all levels and sectors of the automotive industry. We do this through a number of initiatives, such as hosting events, providing resources, and being an advocate for our members.


With the current impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia, WinA are committed to making a conscious effort to help 'flatten the curve' and slow the spread of the virus. 

In order to do this, we are temporarily postponing our upcoming events, including the Bendigo Networking event that was yet to be publicly announced, but had been discussed at previous events. 

Once it is deemed safe to do so, we look forward to hosting numerous WinA events that will cater to a vast range of interests, in a number of locations.


While our events will be taking a temporary step back, we will be refocusing our efforts to our other resources, such as our recent scholarship program with Women & Leadership Australia, our smart-business guidebook, and our online communities (just to name a few!).

So, if you haven't already connected with us online, make sure to follow along!

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